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Waiting for the Invasion:
U.S. Citizens in Nicaragua

28:00 | 1984

Directed by Dee Dee Halleck
Co-Produced: Joan Braderman,  Dee Dee Halleck, Skip Blumberg, Joel Kovel, Karen Ranucci


After Reagan’s preposterous invasion of the island of Grenada, the people of Nicaragua have good reason to believe they are next. They dig trenches in backyards all over the country. The under-15 year olds – the majority of the people - along with their elders, practice fire drills and civil defense as they prepare for a possible air attack. The attack, of course, came, armed to the teeth with U.S. weaponry, across the Salvadoran border in the form of the “contra” army. Meanwhile, the video looks at the lives of a number of widely different U.S. citizens who live and work in Nicaragua, some with the Sandinistas and some, against them.

Selected Shows and Awards


National Broadcast - KCET TV

Presente Series

Los Angeles, CA (1984)

*Best Documentary*

Global Village Documentary Festival, DCTV

NYC (l984)

Van Dam Theater, NYC

The Whitney Museum, NYC

The Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Wexner Center for the Arts

Columbus, OH

Screened internationally in literally hundreds

of schools, churches, community centers, galleries

and cable TV stations.

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