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Joan Does Dynasty

35:00 | 1986

Conceived/Written/Produced/ Performed by Joan Braderman
Co-directed/Co-edited by Manuel De Landa

Creating the "post-scratch" chroma-key “text and effects” style she has made famous, the artist inserts her body into the world of the primetime soap opera, "Dynasty," where she does her now classic performance, embodying the love/hate relationships so many of us experience with the characters and values of TV, Braderman "performs" feminist and reception theory, turning the reigning ideas of her period into video vernacular.
According to reviews in publications such as “The Independent,”  “The Guardian of London,” and “Contemporanea,”  "few have matched the technique, bravery and humor" ** of JOAN DOES DYNASTY, which is "one of the two most impressive tapes in the video section [of 1987 Whitney Bienniel]" "probably the most widely distributed feminist video ever made.” It was ranked #4 in London Video Arts' Top Ten Video Rental List.





Selected Shows and Awards


Paper Tiger Television, NYC
1987 Whitney Biennial, 1987

Edinburgh Film Festival 1987

Arts for Television at MOCA

Los Angeles, CA


The Museum of Modern Art


The Stedelijk Museum



Institutes of Contemporary Art

London & Boston

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia, PA

Oviedo y Ayunta de Sevilla



Australian Video Festival

American Film Institute - National Video Festival

Cinemama Festival


Women and Representation Festival

Five College Consortium, Amherst, MA

Festival of Films by Women


New American Makers

San Francisco, CA


Rochester, NY

Boston Film and Video Foundation

New York Institute for the Humanities

Cornell Cinema
Harvard University
Brown University
Syracuse University

University of Wisconsin

 "In Search of Media Monster"

Cleveland State Art Gallery

Port Washington Public Library

"Disarming Genres"

Artists Space, NYC


and many other galleries, universities and museums, internationally including a Russian TV broadcast, 1994.

JDD is in a number of permanent collections in the U.S. (Univ. of Cal.; Museum of Modern Art, Donnell Library, etc.) and at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, The Institute of Contemporary Art, London.


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