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People's Convention: South Bronx (1980)

Braderman produced the video; Lillian Jimenez line- produced and directed on-site, and Jose Rivera, soon to be elected councilman of this area, collected footage from TV stations throughout the city to reconstruct these events. Mike D'Elia was the editor, using the many hours of footage shot and assembled by an agitprop group, formed for this purpose. This piece documented the legendary Peoples' Convention which took place on 12 square blocks of the infamous area known as the "Charlotte St." area of the South Bronx. This nightmare urban landscape was first burnt down illegally by landlords. It was then cleared every Saturday for months by a group of volunteers from the host group of construction workers in the Bronx, "United Tremont Trades," and other city progressives. "The Peoples' Convention," was a gathering of thousands of people from around the country who spent several nights in "Peoples Park" and participated in caucuses attended by a wide array of activists. Among attending organizations were those working to get fair housing for low income families; against racism and for reproductive and civil rights, voting rights, environmentalists, LGBT activists; prison reform and Puerto Rican independence. At Conventions' end, thousands of participants marched downtown to the Democratic Convention in Madison Square Garden, where people Like Jimmy Carter and other politicians) who had made promises to rebuild in the South Bronx, met at their convention, the DNC.[49] The video was shown widely for organizing participating groups across the country and is still posted on Rivera's Facebook and YouTube.The Convention's main slogan, "Too many years of Broken Promises; now we will be heard," was memorialized in this video and many years later, the South Bronx was to begin to rebuild.

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