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Joan Sees Stars

60:00 | 1993

Conceived/Written/Performed by Joan Braderman

Co-Director: Dana Master
Director of Photography: Gene Gort

A video in two parts (Starstruck and MGM: Movie Goddess Machine), focusing on celebrity culture, identity, and the body. “What is Liz Taylor doing in my bed, in the bed of my friend Leland, as he dies of AIDS?” These and related questions are enacted in a series of encounters between the artist/ performer/ spectator and a host of famous people from la Liz to Anita Hill. In Joan Sees Stars, Braderman addresses the subversive potential of masquerade in a parade of video-assisted star sightings. (Video Data Bank)

“Videomaker Braderman uses her own body as the site for exploring the ways our own culture of appearances meets the politics of identity... She looks at life through rose colored glasses, then whips them off and dishes the dirt: movies meet life, life meets death and romance meets Perdue chicken in this meditation on our illicit VCR pleasures. Watch and eat your heart out.” 

— B. Ruby Rich

Selected Shows & Awards


Video Visions, New York Film Festival

Lincoln Center, NYC , (10/1993)

European Premiere:

British Film Theater

London, UK (12/1993)

Wexner Center for the Arts

Columbus, OH

Bodies in Crisis

Chicago Filmmakers


Institute of Contemporary Art

Boston, MA

San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film/Video Festival

Black Maria Film/Video Festival

• Juror's Citation Award •

Atlanta Film/Video Festival Award

• Best Dramatic Criticism •

Women in the Director's Chair Festival

Chicago, IL


Our Dinner with Joan

International House

Philadelphia, PA

Independent MassMedia Festival

Zone Art Center

Springfield, MA

Cicade de Vigo International Festival de Video

Vigo, Spain

Moscow Television
American Center, Paris
University of Glasgow
London Institute of the Arts
Royal Academy of the Arts
Universidade da Porto, Centro de Communicacion

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